The Carlauren Exchange

The only Coin with a guaranteed buy-back value

Purpose of the exchange
Trading on the Carlauren Exchange
Carlauren Exchange enables anyone to trade Carlauren Coins using a secure digital wallet. Carlauren takes no fee or derives no benefit from the trade.

Become an Account Holder
Every individual who wishes to buy, sell or otherwise acquire Carlauren Coins must become a registered account holder with Carlauren Exchange. This includes Carlauren Members, who will be registered as part of the membership welcome process, Property Owners who will earn coins and Individuals who wish to participate in coin trading.

Storage & Access of Funds
Each account holder will then be provided with a unique secure digital wallet, in which their coins are stored.

Secure payment mechanisms will be avilable through the Coin Exchange in order to send and receive funds for the acquisition or sale of coins.

Transaction Protocols
Members purchasing their Carlauren Coin allocation will buy via the exchange as a simple secure online transaction using the payment card of their choice.
Non-members seeking to buy Carlauren Coins will only be able to buy them if they are for sale. If they are offered for sale by Carlauren, purchasing will be via the exchange as a simple secure online transaction using the payment card of their choice.
If they are offered for sale by another owner of Carlauren Coins, they are traded through a Peer to Peer transaction. Such transactions are managed via the Exchange but for buyer and seller protection, utilise the facility of a regulated payment service.
When Carlauren Coins are sold by any coin holder, the proceeds of sale are transferred to them by a regulated payment intermediary that sits between seller and buyer.
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